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Now YOU can rent the
Genuine SodaBlaster™
for all your cleaning needs!

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  • No training required.

  • Always shows up on time.

  • Never complains.

  • Works as long as you want.

  • Doesn't get paid overtime.

  • Never asks for a vacation day.

  • And best of all... does the work of 4 people !

Sodablast Rentals

This 3 minute video will demonstrate the cleaning potential available to you with
SodaBlasting and how you will increase your revenue stream.
Now you can rent the Genuine SodaBlaster™ equipment,
or we can arrange for one of our trained contractors to work for you.


A Wide Range of Uses!

Boat/Marine | Automotive | Fire/Mold Remediation | Food Process Cleaning | Graffiti Removal

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The Buzz about our SodaBlasters!

"We Clean an average of 20 square feet per minute when using the SB200 Mobile SodaBlaster." - Don

"SodaBlast Systems makes (in my opinion) probably the best and simplest blast unit I have ever seen or sold. It is extremely simple to use and fill and training on it takes about ten minutes. Unlike other units, you can see how much material is remaining in the pot, you can reach in and grab a handful to determine what kind it is, it refills in about 1/4 the time of others, it rarely plugs up, cannot be overfilled, has fewer valves and diaphragms than most others and weighs less and is smaller than others of the same capacity making it ergonomically friendly. Dollar for dollar, this is by far the best unit available today." - Terry with Blaster Master Canada

(More Franchisee & Contractor references are available upon request.)

SodaBlasters™ are proudly Made in USA

SodaBlast Systems LLC, 5711 Schurmier Road, Houston, Texas 77048

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